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Horsemanship Class

All new or beginning riders must complete a waiver and basic Horsemanship Class to learn how to tack, groom, and become familiar with the policies and procedures of our facility, regardless of previous experience, before beginning riding lessons.

After completing the Horsemanship Class, you will be able to book your riding lessons. Lessons are given in Bareback (no saddle), Western (saddle has a horn), and English (lighter weight saddle, no horn) disciplines. 

Level 1

  • Haltering: tying the knot, how to carry the rope, and leading the horse.

  • Taking the horse to the cross tie area, learning how to walk the horse from the stall into the cross tie area, and using quick-release snaps.

  • Learning parts of the hoof, how to pick up the horse’s hoof, and to pick the hooves.

  • Grooming: how to properly groom a horse, what tools are used, and for what.

Level 2

  • Choosing the correct saddle and bridle

  • Choosing the saddle pad, cinch, or girth

  • Do you need Devonshire boots?

  • How to saddle the horse, where to place the saddle pad, and where to put the saddle on the horse's back.

  • How to attach the cinch and girth and how to determine where to attach the cinch or girth.

  • Tightening the cinch or girth. Learning how to use the off billet

  • Bridling the horse by correctly putting the bit into the horse's mouth without hurting the horse.

  • Choosing what kind of reins are you using and how to attach them.

Level 3

  • Fitting the student with the appropriate helmet.

  • Walking the horse to the arena

  • Upon entering the arena, make sure your gate is always closed.

  • Checking the cinch or girth and determining if it needs to be tightened.

  • Walk through Installing a mic system. Mics are used on the students which enable the instructor to gently talk to students to give the student direction.

  • Walking the horse into the mounting block. Learn how to walk the horse safely and correctly into a mounting block.

  • What side do you mount the horse from? And why?

  • Mounting the horse. Taking the reins. Inserting the foot into the stirrup and swinging the left leg over and gingerly sitting down on the seat of the saddle.

  • Taking each rein in hand and gently squeezing both legs to walk the horse out of the block.

  • Begin the lesson with a walk about the arena if time permits to start instruction on right and left direct reining and halting of the horse.

  • Dismounting and walking the horse back to the cross-tie area and removing tack.

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For ages 12 & up, special circumstances may be applied for younger children, as these classes are geared toward adults.

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